You've seen it on Instagram. You've read about it in GQ and Esquire. Maybe you've tried it and are already hooked.

It's mask time.

We're here to help you unpack what this whole mask thing is all about.

Designed as a semi-regular skincare treatment, masks have origins in 2 places. Sheet masks, which look like paper masks and have holes for your eyes, nose, and mouth, originated in Korea. Clay masks, which come usually come as a thick liquid or paste, originated in spas, where they've been used to help treat the skin, but ultimately they go back millennia to the ancient middle east where dead sea clay and egyptian clays have been used as skin treatments. 

How do you know which to use?

Well, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. An easy guideline is that sheet masks are made to add things into your skin, clay masks are made to take things away.  Now, we'll dig in deeper-

-Sheet masks-

Men's Sheet Masks at Consigliere

These typically come in single-use packets and are made of either a superthin fabric or a viscous hydrogel.  These masks are soaked in beneficial ingredients, which are transferred into your skin while you wear them. So you put them on your face for up to 15 minutes and while you want, the magic is happening. There are tons of masks available. Some address dry skin. Some address oily skin. Some address dull skin. You just pick one based on how you feel your skin is behaving.  The great thing about sheet masks is you can use them whenever you want- daily even. Not so, with clay masks.

-Clay masks:

Clay Masks at Consigliere

As the name says, they're usually made with clay. Often the clay is sourced from volcanoes, riverbeds, and sources by the sea. There are several types of clay, but bentonite and kaolin are very popular ones. These types of masks are usually blended with other ingredients like charcoal, seaweed, and essential oils. How do they work? You spread the mask over your face and wait for 15 minutes- during this time it will harden and soak up oil, dirt, and bacteria from your skin. They are pretty amazing actually- you usually notice a big difference in your skin after these masks because they are powerful. You can only really do them once or twice a week though, because you'll risk irritating your skin.

We are big fans of the benefits of skincare masks at Consigliere. Not only do they have specific benefits for your face, they also are a way to treat yourself. Couples and friends even masks together, because, why not? 

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