With Summer well underway, our favorite backyard activity has taken over our weekends.  We're talking about Beers + Barbecue, the sacred time we spend with our fam talking smack and eatin' good. One of the most divisive topics on these weekends, the most controversial, even more controversial than NBA Free Agency is this- Gas vs Charcoal. If you know, you know. Charcoal is the best.

You might be surprised to learn that, while Charcoal makes a great burger, it makes even better skincare. Here's why- if you've ever taken a look at a chunk of charcoal, it has tiny holes, lots of them.  It's so porous that one Gram of activated charcoal has the surface area of a Football field. Crazy you say? Yes, but it's facts. All those tiny holes soak up things from your skin- excess oil, toxins, dirt, environmental pollution. It's quite magical.  

Charcoal is skincare is derived from coconuts, not wood, so it's a natural, renewable material that's plant-based. Charcoal skincare is best thought of in this way- it works like a sponge, so is most useful if your skin is oily, has T-zones, or you tend to sweat alot. We don't recommend charcoal skincare for guys with super dry skin as it can cause even more drying.

A new addition to Consigliere is the charcoal-based line from The Man Shop brand.

The Man Shop Activated Charcoal Skincare at Consigliere

The Cleansing Face Wash is a gentle daily-use Face Wash with a refreshing Peppermint and Licorice scent. You have to get used to the black-colored wash in your shower/sink, but once you do, you'll actually look forward to washing your face.

Exfoliating is awesome with the Hello, Goodbye Face Scrub. It uses micro olive seeds as an exfoliant and we like using it 2x per week to get rid of old skin.

Masking is one of the great manpleasures of our life. This purifying Better Man Clay Mask is a super deep cleanser. Our face looks younger and clearer after we use this, but be careful if you have sensitive skin- the combination of clays and charcoal make it super strong.


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